Blue Marble

Monsoon Preparation for the Trees

by: Blue Marble
March 31, 2016

Arizona monsoon season… What a time of year! On the one hand an Arizona resident wants to be grateful because temperatures decrease by a degree or two while we are dealing with triple digits and our desert homes finally get rain! But on the other hand, trees drop like flies, or might I say fall […]

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by: Blue Marble
March 3, 2016

Have you ever taken a walk around your neighborhood and looked down in utter dismay that the neighbor you knew was a total slob wasn’t picking up after their dog? After steaming over this and mumbling your judgements you continue your walk to find that what you thought was dog excrement everywhere turns out to […]

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Helping Our Plants Weather the Heat – The Best Time to Water Plants

The Best Time to Water Plants Our Arizona heat is finally here! With the rising temperatures our landscapes, particularly our plants, are beginning to show the stress of being under our Arizona sun each day.  To cool themselves they begin to use up their reserves of stored energy; the food in and around the roots.  […]

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Winter Rye Transition & Scalping

Winter Turf Transition Having year round grass in the Valley of the sun is tough! With our hot summers, and close to freezing temperatures in the winter, most turf type grasses do poorly at one point or another during the year. For example, during our summer months, Bermuda grass is the dominant turf, primarily because […]

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Xeriscape /ˈzi(ə)rəˌskāp Noun: a style of landscape design requiring little or no irrigation or other maintenance, used in arid regions. Xeriscape is a term coined by combining the Greek root “Xeri” meaning dry and  “Scape” meaning scenery.  This term has become more and more prominent with the recent push toward water conservation. Xeriscape, or Dry-Scape, […]

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