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Arizona Springtime: Proactive Landscape Planning

Arizona Springtime
by: Blue Marble
April 16, 2019

It’s springtime in Arizona, which means it’s time for a little proactive landscape planning with Blue Marble Landscape. Trees, gardens and lawns have survived winter now it’s time to thrive again. Spring is about regeneration and renewal, and your landscapes likely need some TLC. Now is the perfect time to commit to a little proactive planning, and getting your landscape projects underway!

The Arizona climate can have everything from frequent dust storms, fierce winds to unrelenting sun, all of which pack a potent punch to your lawns, plants and properties. This is why properly maintaining your landscape is so critical to its overall health and well-being. 

It’s time to start caring for your dormant grasses, do a major weeding and clean up, fertilize your fruit, evergreen or deciduous trees, and plant those summer flowers in order to get the most out of your landscapes. 

Blue Marble has become one of Arizona’s leading landscape services companies for a reason, and we’d like to maintain that expectation of excellence. We offer an integrated approach with variety of landscaping projects that will meet any of your needs. We serve customers from all over Arizona, and are gearing up to take care of your property and make it look like new again.

Spring Cleaning: Proactive Landscape Planning

Our first priority for a healthy spring front yards is getting them cleaned up, well prepped for summer and organized. So many clients choose to neglect keeping up with landscaping during the winter months, which means that now’s a great time for some spring-cleaning! Clear away broken limbs from trees and bushes, trim foliage, mow your lawn and fix anything that may have been damaged during those cooler months.

Spring is also a great time to begin planting and preparing for summer. Here a few of our useful spring Landscaping tips:

  • Weeding: April is right around the corner and it tends to be the worst months for weeds as new, unwanted growth gets its first chance at life. This is one of the first and foremost important actions to take. Remove those pesky weeds a.s.a.p. Weeds can compete with your landscape plants for water.
  • Planting: plant some flowering plants that grow well in the Arizona climates and conditions. There are plants that require less water to survive (which means water conservation) such as yellow columbine, angelica daisy, and Desert Beardtongue. Now is a good time to plant certain flowers that are groundcover plants like Floss Flowers, Sweet Alyssum, Dahlia, and Scarlet Sage. Daisies and Poppies should stand up to the sun’s rays come summer, and for extra pop in color you can add Cosmos, Dahlias, and Marigold …they are all sure to yield a gorgeous garden.
  • Can’t go wrong with cactus: – If you don’t’ already use a variety of cactus plants this is a no brainier. They consume very little water and thrive in the sun making them a must have for your Arizona landscape. One of our favorites is the bunny ear cactus.
  • Plant some citrus: Now is the perfect time to plant a citrus tree. When it comes to fruit trees, citrus trees are the favorite in Arizona because of their relatively resilient nature. There’s even a fertilizer specifically for citrus fruit trees.
  • Grasses: Sod is one option if you are looking for quick results or want to repair a part of your lawn. It’s relatively easy to install and also inexpensive. A sod yard creates good drainage and prevents soil erosion. Bermuda grass goes dormant in cooler winter temperatures but grows quite well in hot temperatures so it’s also a perfect choice for a spring/summer yard. If your lawn is already seeded, encourage activity with monthly feedings of rich fertilizer and inspire a strong root system with frequent deep root penetration watering.
  • Mulching: Improve the soil and roots of your plants and replenish organic mulches. This will reduce moisture loss and keep roots cool during our hot summer months.
  • Pruning: You may want to avoid heavy pruning. Heavy pruning removes the benefits that leaves and branches provide -and the Arizona sun can be brutal in the summertime Only prune plants when necessary.
  • Irrigation Check: At Blue Marble Landscape we like to leave no stone unturned. We like to check irrigation systems for clogged drip emitters and usually have to repair leaks. In addition, the temperatures are going to keep rising and so will your watering schedule. With proper irrigation we can get the moisture below the surface.

Looking Ahead With Blue Marble Landscape: Time To Prepare

Projects of all sizes require substantial coordination, resources and time.  We are grounded in years of successful maintenance experience and like to keep high quality projects on track with the perfect end goal in mind. The Blue Marble Landscape team can ensure that the right equipment, tools and materials will be onsite when they are needed.

The temperatures are going to be spiking before we know it. Is your landscape ready for the summer? We can help you to be proactive to prepare for the summer sizzle and have a beautiful yard throughout the hot summer season!

Do you have a new residential or commercial property? Do you want to plant for spring or prepare for the summer? Or does your landscape simply need some sprucing up? Before you look to other Arizona landscape companies to help you maintain your property, find out what Blue Marble Landscape can do for you.

We know that after you hear about our cost effective solutions, unmatched work ethic and talented crew of landscaping professionals, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t called us sooner.

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