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Palm Fertilization

by: Blue Marble
February 24, 2016

Palm trees hold a significant place within the landscape of Arizona. But these trees come with a certain amount of care that must be maintained.

A key part to providing Palm trees with proper care is providing adequate nutrients. Due to Palms being seen as the highlight or center piece of a landscape, for some in Arizona, it is ideal to keep them lively and attractive with proper fertilization.

Arizona is an interesting and unique state in terms of its climate and weather. A common issue within the nutrients of a Palm and/or its soil is the lack of nitrogen. A deficiency of Nitrogen can cause older fronds to turn pale green or yellow. But other Palms can be harmed by a potassium deficiency, which causes yellowing of older leaves and their midribs. Even so, other Palms may show a magnesium deficiency which would cause yellow bands to show on older leaves, with the central vein remaining green. Preventative fertilization is the best practice, since the altered leaves will not recover.

It is easiest to have a Palm maintain its lush green growth when a fertilizer specific to the growth of Palms, which typically contains at least triple the amount of nitrogen and potassium as phosphorous, and in addition, magnesium and micronutrients.

oasisProper fertilizing occurs after the first establishment summer. There are detailed instructions on every bag that specify how much to distribute under the canopy of the tree, according to tree size. Appropriately water the fertilizer that has been spread to a depth of 2 feet. It is most common to fertilize in mid spring and again in early summer.

So it is about that time of year again! Tim to make sure that Arizona Palm trees are flourishing and enhancing our great oasis!

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