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Prepare For Arizona Summer Grasses With Blue Marble Landscape

by: Blue Marble
May 15, 2019

Whether it’s tee time or teatime, now is the best time of year to prepare for those perfectly manicured green lawns. Blue Marble Landscape offers trusted landscaping services that help our clients consistently show off perfectly landscaped green lawns.

Arizona has climate features from barren desert to highlands and everything in between. Beginning the end of April, nighttime temperatures are consistently above 65 degrees. Pretty soon much of Arizona will enjoy the state’s summer change as temperatures climb into triple digits. As the temperatures begin to rise this spring and we move closer to our Arizona summer, your lawn will likely be going through some changing colors- but don’t be alarmed, this is perfectly normal.

Even though your rye grass is beginning to wilt away, Blue Marble Landscape can still help you successfully grow grasses on your Arizona lawn. You simply need to follow a few guidelines, one of the most important factors involving when to plant grass seed. Grass seed achieves maximum success in Arizona when it is planted during the best time of the year, which just so happens to be right now.

Summer Lawn

May is truly one of the best months to plant Bermuda grass, which allows the seed time to germinate before the arrival of the hot summer weather. For those of you who chose to let your lawn go dormant without over-seeding, you will have a much easier time with the spring grass transition.

Blue Marble Landscape is here to help you with some easy steps to get your lawns ready for warmer weather and to make slight changes in your lawn maintenance protocols.

Now Is The Best Time To Prepare For Arizona Summer Grasses

With all the different types of sod and grass varieties available, it can be difficult to figure out which one will be the best for your lawn. The expert grass technicians at Blue Marble Landscape know how important it is to protect your commercial and residential investments and to keep your lawns in peak condition.

At Blue Marble we are committed to helping you grow the finest lawn possible. We tend to think that Bermuda grasses are likely the most versatile grasses and best for most of the areas we treat. Bermuda grass goes dormant in cool winter temperatures, but grows quite well in hot summer temperatures. It can also tough out drought and the high mineral content of our Arizona water system.

Preparing for lush summer grasses involves a number of steps and guidelines from killing off the perennial rye grass and trimming grass height to fertilizing. The following are some important tips for how to ensure that you have the best summer lawns:

  • Soil Test: As a grass and lawn care expert we say make a pro move, and test your soil. These results will eliminate the guesswork and help give recommendations for essential like getting to know soil pH, organic matter and bioavailability of necessary nutrients. This ensures a healthy starting point.
  • Be sure to rake the rye grass as it dies out. If it remains on the surface of the lawn it will shade the Bermuda and keep it from greening up. First, rake your lawn well to remove any dead grass or thatch that may hinder the sunlight from reaching the new plant growth. Higher temperatures and sunlight are key components to a smooth and effective transition.
  • Aeration: You also have the option to aerify your lawn. This involves perforating the soil, the small holes allowing air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This is also another way to get the necessary late spring early summer heat to the root system and encourage Bermuda to come out of dormancy. It is usually thought to alleviate soil compaction.
  • Mowing: Your Bermuda grass needs the sun to grow, and for the grass to receive the optimal amount of sun, it is a good idea to lower your mower to 1-1.5 inches, so that sunlight can reach the grass. Doing this will also help Bermuda grass come out of its dormant stage. In addition, mowing like this will open the canopy for heat to reach the soil surface of the root system.
  • Watering: Watering any living plant is obviously very important and in the dry climates it’s essential to do it properly. The early morning hours are typically cooler and the best time to water your grasses because it helps minimize evaporation and fungus. Water your summer grasses every 1 to 3 days, and remember to water deeply. Increase watering to twice per week at 15 to 20 minutes each time. Deeper watering for 15 to 20 minutes each time will encourage root system growth. As a side note, try not to grow high water-use grass in areas with great shade-that will require a lot of maintenance.
  • Fertilize: We like to give our summer lawns a boost using the fertilizers. Using the proper fertilizer on your summer grass will help it to better handle the heat and drought, make it less susceptible to disease more resistant to insects. Additionally, an adequately fertilized lawn requires less water and minimal maintenance. Some fertilizers are high in ammonium sulfate, which weaken the rye grasses, but will supply the Bermuda with the nutrients it needs to come out of dormancy faster.
  • After your lawn begins to come out of dormancy, you may need to apply an iron-rich fertilizer to help with the greening process.

Blue Marble Landscape Trusted For The Best Summer Lawns!

Blue Marble Landscape can be trusted for the best summer lawns in Arizona. We work with communities and business owners to identify their ideas, needs, habits and style preferences, and to help create healthy landscapes that thrive in all seasons.

Our highly experienced and skilled landscapers are the best at creating and maintaining lush grasses, turf and sod, plants, trees and gardens, desert landscaping, shade structures, watering solutions, retaining walls and so much more!

We can handle the limitless possibilities of the various Arizona landscapes. Our lawn and landscape maintenance services will continue the upkeep on your summer grasses ensuring that your greenery has everything it needs to thrive. Our expert crew of plant a grass care landscapers know everything from the right fertilizers to use, the nest length to cut your grasses. Our irrigation specialists can even install the best sprinkler systems designed with your specific grass, plant and landscaping needs.

At Blue Marble Landscape we value communication and transparency. You’ll never be left guessing and you’ll always know that we understand your needs. Why gamble with your greenery? Try us out, you’ll be thrilled with your end results, we have many happy clients to prove it!

Call Blue Marble Landscape today to see how we can help with your summer grasses and lawns!

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