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Renovation Pruning

by: Blue Marble
December 5, 2018

Renovation pruning also known as “cutbacks” is a process of removing at least a third of the plant material at once. Typically, plants are cut back to about 18” and look like sticks for a short period of time. This method of pruning is endorsed by the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association through their Sustainable Landscape Management guidelines. At Blue Marble Landscape, we train our crews to use the Sustainable Landscape Management guidelines and practices when pruning shrubs. If you want healthy plant material that is full of color this method of pruning is essential for your community.

The benefits include:
• Healthier plant material
• More frequent and abundant blooms
• Less water usage
• Increased development of mature leaves
• Reduction in plant waste
• Natural plant growth

Click here for a full cutbacks calendar

Please notify your communities that cutbacks will be starting in December! If you have any questions feel free to contact your Account Manager or anyone on the Blue Marble Team!

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