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Winter Weather and Landscaping Maintenance With Blue Marble

by: Blue Marble
February 20, 2019

Even though the winters are mild in Arizona, the cooler temperatures affect our native plants and trees. Qualified winter landscaping in Arizona is important not only for giving climate change attention, but also to prepare your landscaping for the warmer temperatures arriving soon in the springtime.

Qualified winter landscaping in Arizona is important not only for giving climate change attention, but also to prepare your landscaping for the warmer temperatures arriving soon in the springtime.

A few areas of concern have come to our attention during these prime New Years resolution weeks, where we’ve all decided to take care of the homecare and landscaping things we may have been putting off. The best thing about-facing these kinds of resolutions head on is that you are preparing yourself to have a healthier home, garden and landscape for the new year, which will ultimately will require less maintenance!

Winter Weeds, Seeds & Tree Trimming!

The professional landscaping team at Blue marble has been getting calls about whacky winter weed sightings. Most likely they are having issues with winter annual broadleaf weeds- they are called winter annuals because they germinate in the fall and survive throughout the winter. Since our Arizona winters are relatively mild and short, there are many weeds that just don’t want to waste time waiting for the vernal equinox!

A weed is any plant that’s growing where it is not wanted. Lawn weeds belong to one of three categories: broadleaf, grassy, or grass-like. Weeds like dandelions, crabgrass patches, and clumps of clover that appear out of nowhere are the scourge of homeowners and landscapers everywhere.

In lawn areas the best weed control is a healthy lawn. Turf will out-compete with most weeds and regular mowing will remove the growing tips of the weeds.

In gravel areas both annual and perennial weeds can be controlled with the application of a post-emergent herbicide. (Post-emergent means that it is for weeds that have already sprouted and are growing) Pre-emergent work very well in preventing weed seeds from even sprouting and work best in gravel areas.

You may be the type of home or business owners who likes to take matters into your own hands, by hand-pulling weeds. Crabgrass and chickweed are annuals and tend to have shallow roots. However, on the other hand, weeds like dandelion and thistle have deep, extensive roots and are harder to control by hand pulling. If even a small piece of root is left in the ground, the weed will grow back.

 Although herbicides will of course take these weeds out, it must be cautioned because you may have trees and shrubs in the same plant category. Careful application and spot treatments may be necessary. You don’t have to resort to chemical herbicides, and safer options exist that will work just as effectively.

At blue marble we have years of experience and expertise to help save you time and effort by helping with stubborn weeds while feeding and strengthening your lawn. In fact, qualified proper lawn care is the best medicine!

Here are a few tips Blue Marble uses for dealing with winter weeds:

Regulate- The food and water you give your garden will encourage weeds as much as the plants you want to grow. Only give your plants what they need. Make your lawn less welcoming to weeds. Also, when your lawn is stressed out, it has a higher chance of being taken over by weeds. Watering deeply and infrequently helps your lawn grow deeper roots so it can better compete with weeds. When your lawn develops deep roots, it can grow thicker to help crowd out weeds.

Higher Mowing- Weed seeds, just like all plants, require sunlight to sprout. So, the next time you mow, raise your mower height. Mowing at a taller height helps the grass grow tall and thick to shade the soil, so weed seeds can take a hike.

Mulch -Covering your soil with an extra layer of organic matter will smother and inhibit weeds, as well as prevents new seeds from germinating. Mulch with compost, bark, wood chips, newspaper, cardboard, grass clippings, straw or most other organic matter.

Weed Out The Competition- Weeds can’t take hold if there’s no space for them to weed their way in. Try planting dense ground covers and perennial plants in ornamental beds. The shade and heavy root systems of trees and shrubs can naturally prevent weeds from growing underneath.

Baked Weeds- Solarizing involves covering an area of weeds with a heavy plastic sheet. This works best in full sun where the heat will collect under the sheet and it will literally bake the weeds.

Tree Trimming Time & Pruning In Arizona

Winter tree trimming & pruning in Arizona keeps your trees attractive and healthy. Wintertime is the best time of the year to pay more attention to your shrubs and trees! Since the leaves should all be gone by now and most plants made out of wood become dormant, this a perfect time for trimming, pruning and rejuvenation. During the dormant winter season – pruning invigorates shrubs and trees because it gives plants extra energy reserves due to the extra root that will ensure new growth on the pruned branches.

Pruning is the intentional removal of parts of a plant for reasons, which include maintenance of plant health, controlling plant size (preventing view obstruction of a sidewalk, or driveway), and rejuvenating old plants. Maintaining optimal plant health includes the removal of diseased, dying, injured and dead branches. Even stems that rub against each other should be removed. The cooler weather reduces the shock to the trees and ensures that they will grow well in the spring.

Pruning needs of shrubs and trees in Arizona vary. Requirements vary by plant species, design intent, and placement in a landscape. Pruning should only be done when necessary and at the right time of year. Now is the time to prune for a healthy spring and summer growing season, but it has to be done right! For a list of trees and shrubs that are safe to prune in Winter please contact the tree specialist at Blue Marble

Maintain Your Winter Landscaping With Blue Marble

Winter is the perfect time to seek advice from the professional landscapers at Blue Marble. Many Arizona residents love a lush lawn and front facing aesthetics all year long. This is the perfect time of year for planting attractive winter ground cover, heat tolerant plants that can stand full exposure and even rock gardens! Beat the heat and make your landscaping complete!

It’s true; winter desert landscaping is perfect for adding rock gardens and incorporating drought-tolerant plants. These don’t require a lot of care and rocks stones offer a nice décor that enhances the look of your front lawn, garden or driveway. You can ever get super creative and add things like stucco-walled raised flowerbeds!

No matter what you decide to do, these cooler months offer a unique time for winter landscaping in Arizona. Call Blue Marble today to change or modify your residential or commercial landscaping to ensure year round health and beauty.  

For the highest quality landscaping in all of Arizona, our friendly, knowledgeable staff are committed to answering all of your questions to ensure a stress-free experience.

Call Blue Marble Today.

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