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Expert Residential Tree Services With Blue Marble

by: Blue Marble
December 18, 2018

It’s no secret that in Arizona, residential trees certainly do enhance the curb appeal of your home. If you’re lucky enough to have trees in your yard, or trees on your property, it is important to keep them well maintained. In order for residential trees to thrive, they must be well taken care of with proper tree maintenance like trimming, thinning and removing. Many homeowners, especially new ones, are not aware of how or why this is so essential.

Beautifully cared for residential trees not only enhance your property value but they also say a lot about your style! Trees naturally respond to their environment, and if they are left untreated, their branches can go unruly and wild. Not only does this look bad, but these overgrown trees can also be dangerous for your home and your community.

Blue Marble Landscape has been providing exceptional residential tree services and landscape management to clients for over 40 years. The professional arborists at Blue Marble Landscape have extensive experience treating trees of all kinds. Whether they need to be trimmed, pruned, or fully removed, you can trust that our grounds care specialists will get the job done!

Residential trees in Arizona are one of the most valuable landscape assets for any property or community; they provide beauty, better air and protection. If these assets are not managed properly, they can become a liability, and only the best triage will help.

Time For Some “Tree-age” With Blue Marble Landscaping

Unlike with humans, both young and old trees require maintenance! Seedlings require regular watering, while mature trees can rely mostly on the rain and moisture found deep in the soil. Regularly scheduled pruning and trimming is a necessary part of keeping trees healthy. For homes with more acreage or a nice area (or stand) of trees, maintaining proper stand density is essential to reducing tree damage from either disease or insects. As a general rule, healthy trees are less susceptible to insect infestation than unhealthy ones. Keeping the area around your tree mulched and fertilized can also help to protect against disease. 

It’s so important to have tree care experts who know what they are doing for a variety of trees in all areas of Arizona. The arborists at Blue Marble Landscape have the experience and training to do it all, correctly and safely. Here are two essential “Residential Tree Maintenance Tips From BlueMarble:”

1) You should do crown cleaning, crown raising and crown thinning. That requires the removal of damaged, diseased, dead, or weak branches that are not beneficial to your tree; elevating the tree’s lower branches for clearance, and the removal of certain branches to increase the canopy’s light and air flow. When major tree limbs are severely and haphazardly cut, the tree is permanently damaged—the tree has been topped and can literally starve to death. Trees need a lot of leaf surface to take in light and carbon dioxide to produce sufficient food for the branches, trunks and roots. When tree limbs are carefully cut, thinned and pruned it helps the tree grow, encourages fruit production, prevents disease and insects and keeps your property beautiful!

2) Sometimes residential tree removal is necessary. Environmental factors like storms, severe winds or insects, can all cause serious damage to a tree. Trees that have died or are growing in a tight spot can be both a nuisance and a hazard. Here are some common reasons for tree removal:

  • Damaged and dead tree branches can fall and hurt you or your property.
  • Disease can spread from a tree to other trees and plants.
  • Dead trees usually attract pests.
  • They can be unattractive and hurt you property and land value.
  • Removal is part of genetic enhancement: removing diseased or inferior trees early and prior to regeneration, we can minimize the number of trees in that area with undesirable traits in a stand.

Thinking About Planting Trees On Your Property?

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”   
―   Kahlil Gebran 

If you are thinking about planting trees on your property, keep this in mind: with any tree installation, you are adding value to your home. Whether it’s a flowering tree, an evergreen or one with brightly colored leaves, trees are one of nature’s greatest gifts, and they serve many purposes.

Residential trees reduce air pollution and provide oxygen for your home and community, while absorbing carbon dioxide. The beauty, charm and attraction of some trees can even make you money! The Arbor Day Foundation estimates that planting trees and landscaping with trees can increase your property’s value by 20%. 

Among these and many other benefits, the planting of trees around your Arizona home and property can actually save energy: shade from two 25-foot tall trees on a west side of a house, plus another 25-footer on the east side, could save you almost 25% of your AC costs!

And if that’s not enough of an incentive to get you as excited about trees as we are, Blue Marble Landscape can even provide a list for you of low water use trees that are well adapted to Arizona’s soil and climate.

Expert Residential Tree Services With Blue Marble

If you haven’t noticed already, at Blue Marble Landscape, we really do love trees! It is our mission to partner with our residential and commercial clients to provide a full-range of landscaping services and solutions to meet their needs and their budget. Our focus is on building long-term partnerships with our clients, we are therefore committed to “doing what we say we will do.” No excuses.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured landscape company based in Arizona with a professional staff dedicated to providing reliable and proactive services through strong communication and knowledgeable expertise before, during, and after, every part of the landscaping process.

We promise the three C’s: Communication. Commitment. Consistency.

Blue Marble Landscape’s team of experts, who include certified arborists, is committed to professionally managing your inventory of trees with proper pruning techniques, including keeping them cleared from buildings, streets, and sidewalks. We are also dedicated to consistently evaluating the health of the trees on every property we manage and can remove trees when necessary.

Call our experts in residential tree services for a free estimate on tree removal, trimming and other services. For more information about our tree management program, please call 480.895.2684, or click here.

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