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by: Blue Marble
May 9, 2016

It’s that time of year again. Yep, our typical hot summer weather is almost here! With the increase in temperatures comes our seasonal decrease in turf quality; you may have already noticed this throughout the community.

The Rye grass planted for the winter lawn has begun to wither out, showing brown patches and appearing dry in areas. This is not uncommon from years past. In fact, it’s happening a little later than the previous couple years. As the Rye begins to fail, the Bermuda base under it is beginning to thrive. Over the next several weeks you will notice the following steps being done to help the Bermuda grow in the turf sections:

  1. The water to the lawns will be incrementally lowered to help stress the Rye, quickening the failure point of it.
  2. The mower heights will be lowered to allow more sunlight to get to the Bermuda underneath the Rye. This will be done over the next several mowing events.
  3. Fertilizer will be applied to help the Bermuda green up and remain healthy.
  4. In May, the turf sections will be aerated. This aeration will help with the available oxygen of the turf root systems, and allow for better water penetration when the irrigation is running.
  5. As it gets closer to June, the mower heights will be raised on the Bermuda turf to help with water conservation in the hotter months. With higher grass blades, soil evaporation is lessened.

With a strong management plan, plus some timely practices, the goal of great looking turf and water conservation can be achieved.

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