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Monsoon Season VS Weed Control!

by: Blue Marble
July 12, 2016

Monsoon season begins in mid-June and ends in September. Homeowners welcome the monsoon season because it helps their plants grow and bloom, however, the monsoon’s can contribute to unwanted weeds.

Here are some tips to help prevent so many weeds during this time of year:

  • Pull weeds while they are young: Removing weeds while they are still in their early stages is easier than pulling mature weeds. Young weeds are softer, and have smaller, unstable root systems.
  • Pulling weeds prior to rainfall: Treating and removing weeds approximately one-two months prior to rainfall can hinder the rapid growth this time of year brings.
  • Using herbicides: Pre-emergent herbicides will prevent weeds from forming. This should be applied twice annually, typically in July and December. Post-emergent herbicides will kill existing weeds, after they have sprouted. These chemicals can harm surrounding plants and soil; it is recommended to follow all directions or hire a professional.
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